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Unread post Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:30 pm

Ok, can somebody see into my future? My husband said he wanted a divorce about a month ago. He's not in love with me, he's done. I'm controlling, everything is my way or the highway. I promise to change and never do. We also didn't have sex for 2 years and he said nothing. When he said divorce, I made serious changes. I went to counseling, I did workshops, I joined support groups, because I do love my husband, but I feel overwhelmed in this marriage. I feel like I care take him. I do his laundry, cooking, cleaning, taxes, dog care. I also pay most the bills and he makes more than I do. We tried a reconciliation for about a month. He refused to go to counseling. We had sex all the time, he was telling me he loved me. Then he said he did all that to avoid an argument. So we just lived like roommates, until last night, he approached me 10 minutes before I was leaving for the week asking when we were filing and if I had talked to divorce attorneys yet. I told him no because I loved him and didn't want a divorce. He told me I told him I hated him, I never wanted to see his face again, and I made it clear I wanted a divorce. Mind you after he told me he wanted a divorce, I did tell him I hated him and didn't want to see his face, but I never said I wanted a divorce. So I asked him to just let me have a week to breathe and we would talk on Saturday. Is this a mindfuck? Is this his way of putting the break up on me so he doesn't look bad? Is this him really thinking that I wanted to leave him? I'm sooo confused.

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His actions speak very loudly.......he refused to go to counseling.......he did the love dance just to avoid arguments.........looks like he explained things and wants can't make someone do things, stay in a relationship when they don't want to. To keep another won't be good because the feelings have changed and just builds resentment and who needs that. Venus at late degrees indicates he is done and his Moon indicates his emotions aren't there any longer in the relationship.

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