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Scents & oils & Fairy Offerings

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Not really sure if this is the right section to post in but just sharing anyway.


Often associated with healing, protection, banishing negativity and negative energy, meditation, warding and astral projection, Sandalwood is exceptional for calming down the mindset and alleviating depression. Sandalwood incense and oil can often be used in completing cosmic manifestation of a positive cosmic order detailed and for when your heart makes a wish to send out to the universe.

Sandalwood properties may also link in with the natural stone of Quartz in the sense that it can help with clear-thinking and behavior positive patterns of thought and own central well-being balancing the chakras within. The wood may hold a connection to the particular tree, which ultimately may help connect to the distinction of the energy within.

Sandalwood essential oil is said to help with weight loss, and to help with improving memory. Similarly along the lines with Smokey Quartz and Retaliated Quartz as well. Sandalwood incense help to produce a calming effect which is soothing for the soul, it calls in regular customers into the working environment. Sandalwood can aid in quietening the mind if the mind in question is very busy. It assists in deeper relaxation and deeper meditation bringing about with it a deeper focus and a positive but deeper intention.


Cedarwood essential oil can be soothing and grounding for the person using it. It originally derives from the Arabic word Kedron meaning power. It is good for mental clarity and focus and brings about a soft-vision perspective and drive to the person that works with it. It can calm the mind, calm the spirit, and eases the nervousness as well as tension.

Work with Cedarwood for when you are feeling vulnerable and insecure, or not safe within your surroundings. When you are in need of protection, work with this essential oil to help calm your fears down and relax. allow the oil or incense to help you benefit to relax and be consciously aware of your surroundings & who you let in, whether you trust them enough, cedar wood helps with that as well, more especially if you are in a position of distrust, cedar wood will help shift the focus.

It helps with healing and protection and can enhance your connection with AA Michael. It can be used to create or recreate a sacred safe space for you to work in. It can be used as an offering because its sacred to Imbolc celebrations and magical celebrations from the Wheel of the Year. It can assist with grounding and generates clarity also for when you are open.

Its good for protecting your own space and also your personal power, for when you are in the position, that someone is trying to undermine your own personal power and drains you senseless. Work with CedarWood as incense or oil for if you want to feel safe & protective.

Fairy Offerings

A saucer of milk ~ Place in a safe environment not necessarily inside a house where they are likely to get active. Pixies will indeed find the offering and make good use of it by either dancing it it or playfully splashing about in it. So it needs to be in a sacred but safe place where they can find it without disturbing anyone. Some people that believe in the faeries fill their birdbaths up with water so that the pixies can enjoy it without again interrupting. Possibly not wise to add honey because it could get sticky!

A crystal or stone that they can make use of:- Crystals and stones will assist in encouraging the dwarves and gnomes, elven folk to make use of their craftsmanship, to use the crystal or stone in metal-making and to use it for display on their metal-work. Sometimes the presence of crystals & stones, you’ll find you may want to keep your treasures safe if they are your stones, because it may encourage visitors into your life that may acquire your crystals. Not often has this happened but they have been known to search for treasure within a home if invited in.

Cinnamon Toast:- Possibly good to encourage faeries with a sweet tooth, its been known that faeries will absorb the sweetness of the energy and the toast be left within because its that sustenance that helps keep them going energetically.

Faery Flowers

The Bluebell

A infamous plant in the wilderness of the woods and a hybrid within many gardens. The garden bluebell is cultivated and their colour is not as dark as the natural bluebell.
The hue is beautiful and very much a sacred flower for faeries to work with in enchantments. You would need to ask the fey first to take some of their energy back with you should you go for a stroll in the woods to see this particular plant - do not just take it without permission… Sometimes its best to just enjoy the magic from the flower within its finer elements. Faeries are known to dance to the sound of Bluebells, and a canopy of bluebells is often filled with enchantments of faery magic. Bluebell is said to be unlucky to bring inside or pick without permission. But they are a charming addition to anyone making faerie gardens at this time of year. They are also called warning bells to all faerie folk who are nearby as to find yourself in a Bluebell Grove is also to find yourself in a place of consecrated faery magic.

The Foxglove

The foxglove is known as the Watcher and Guardian to the glade of Avalon. By trusting in the path of finding the way through faery, the hidden gateways that are out there in the world are entrusted by these flowers. To a few that know them by their real name. The foxglove is the guardian of the glenn. Channellers may use foxglove consciousness to connect with to faeries first and foremost, they are the healers of the faery lore, but also known as the Witches’ Fingers. Meddle in a foxglove’s business and you may become faery-struck. It is a cure for any misfortune caused by the faery folk so also considered a sacred plant.

The Honeysuckle Flower

Born into the gardens of many, the honeysuckle flower is a climbing plant that stands tall above all. Honeysuckle scent can be irresistible for faeries, as its nectar is just like honey. It can encourage the right kind of friends to your life, attract luck and sustain love within the home. This plant is known magically to sweeten spells and its workings enhance love and romance. As it can also be quite heady in nature of scent, its ideal for anyone who wishes to add a touch of sweetness to their energy or to sweeten someone up in case they find them malicious. It enhances psychic vision and also dreams.

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