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Hay people

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Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:29 am

Hay everyone

I'm new and am from Liverpool near to where the Beatles were from
I'm looking for a psychic to try and contact a coupl ppl who IV lost. My name is Carla.
I was just wondering about this site. Research a lot n I found some review

Review of:
Reviewed by: AnybodyThere Reviewer
While it has an interesting concept, it simply fails on execution. The psychic chats are nothing but an afterthought, and are staffed with middling generalists who are no where near the cream of the insight crop."

That worrys me so I'm just lookin to see is this a real site? I meen it looks like it is but IV been scammed too much to watse any more money and time. Las time it was a place called mystic familiar there was a girl stole £40 off me with generic reads

Is it legit here?

Ta everyone and by the way I'm an Aquarius it's soon my birthday. I'm gonna treat myself to a reading just want a genuine and not a fake

The reviews were here
- ... here-test/

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Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:32 pm

Depends on how as you put it........."being scammed"
Many ppl don't like to hear the truth in a read........they want the pink fluff stuff so they can go on doing nothing to improve their lives.......They want to hear that Mr or Miss Right will jump into their laps.......without them doing nothing........they want the perfect job to appear out of thin air as they are to lazy to do the homework to even get the job or work for the pay raise........I could go on however you get the define how you were scammed!
From the sound of your post had a lot of reads done.......when someone who seeks out so many reads ( unless the client is asking about different things in their life) on the same issues .......makes the sitter look like they want the pink fluff stuff!

If someone gives you a read and you don't like it ......what are you being scammed......

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