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Wed Aug 19, 2020 3:43 pm

could someone give me a medium reading if thats ok?

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Tue Aug 25, 2020 9:44 am

Hi , here's what I received while listening to some guided meditation music - let me know if it resonates please.

You have a nurturing energy that is gentle but strong. You have known struggle and painful but heartache, loss, fear and doubts that have stemmed from the experience into your life. You are learning about the real and authentic you, your higher self and your innate abilities and the Gift.

Your path is opening in front of you as you persevere with this healing passage of self-development, you are beginning through healing to accelerate your own evolution and ascension path forwards into the present and future. There is also a new beginning happening here a new chapter bringing forth magical manifestation of positive opportunities.

I have 2 archangels also bringing thru this link and connecting. One is Archangel Metatron who shares his wisdom and a few messages for you on your path.

You are a Vessel of Love, you might not know it yet but you are. You have faced your own insecurities in your distant past, like depression and the urge to clear away any remaining sadness vibrations and energy too, you have learned how to forgive yourself from your past lessons and mistakes, you are on a learning curve in life right now, you are called to develop your gift and your skills to work with spirit. AA Michael is indeed bringing a guide in with this link along with him. He is a cherokee guide, I get the symbolism of Rolling Thunder in here, but he works with the universe, the stars and healing energies around you. He knows what you have been through in your lifetime now, you have been through so much loss, that deep down inside you know there are better times ahead. You need to get to grips with living in this reality, he is giving you the number of 7 to look at as an angel sign through numerology too.

This cherokee guide wishes to let you know that things are moving forward, you are opening up and he is around to help you. There is a situation around you in which financial situation also has been an issue in the past, like money / abundance is being drawn in to you to help you make ends meet, i sense like there is also a new role and a job coming into your life also as a new opportunity, there's been tears about this as well tears of pent up frustration and hard work trying to find a new job/career, you feel as though you are lacking in certain areas too, you are not lacking in the areas, you just need to learn how to work with what you have been blessed with to know you inside out as to what you want out of this new career. This will be with you by 1st of November, beginning of the months , though as you know future is not set in stone. you are also a starseed energy too, you have lived several lifetimes as well, the vibration i'm receiving here is a very old soul vibe but you are still learning your craft/path as well over time you will get there, just heal within first to heal others. I also want to say that you have looked at reiki healing too or reiki in the past but felt like it wasn't for you at the time.

You also have a lot of white clouds around you like confusion, know that the clouds will clear and you will find your pathway forwards indefinitely soon, within a month or a few months or short space of time, up to that timeframe approximately.

I'm also told to mention that there is someone around you who played the cornet/trombone, 52 years old mentioned in here too in the link, male energy, someone you knew who played the cornet and trombone. He says to say he is happy now and that you are working hard. You need to keep going and do not lose hope, He mentions about passing, but that he didn't feel a thing, as the passing was very sudden. He doesn't wish to talk about that though. Cancer is also mentioned in the back of the link, uncertainty about the passing. Says that you need to move on and focus on the now/the future. Changes are coming and happening around you. A new role in life too bringing with it a new mission or sense of purpose, like you have not found your sense of purpose before but that's because you weren't ready for it. He says he Is happy now, and the name of David is important to this link. His message is I'm very happy now. You don't need to stress or worry, that the future will bring in some positive changes. You have gone through your cycle of bad luck, and that the right amount of healing and forgiveness has found you and been sent to you. just take a deep sigh of relief and he says I love you. 28th September and the year of 1979.

Honestly hope some of this resonates with you x Its all I got in the link, though. :thinktank:

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