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Please help an angel

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Sat Sep 12, 2020 9:19 pm

hi my name is Cassandra sue ritchison. My 3rd eye opend up in 2015 by accident. I was.a.heroin addict n I went thru hell started hearing many many spirits started to see demons and then I went back to work n tried working hard which I did but it all came.back and then i had to quit my job. Well it's been 5years I have quit many jobs over my connection the afterlife and my third eye being open. I have seen God's hand reach out to me himself he showed me many beautiful things although many evil thing. I seen satan the grim reaper and the devil. But I always tried to make my self feel safe even If I was terrified.but not only did I hear and see I felt spirits take over my body often and drive me crazy it was never nothing evil tho they all wanted good for me. But i became a horrific mess. It takes over my life. I tried killing myself last year before I met my boyfriendnow. I wanted to just be wit the spirits. I felt like god have left my soul on earth wit me to tend to. My body and human self is not the same. I'm not my soul and my soul scary feeling. I feel so much difference but its warmth on inside. I feel ilky and nasty like a big mess is inside of me. I also feel like I want out of whatever it is god has trapped me in. I feel like my soul is locked up inside of me til I die for some reason or grow old. I know I'm trapped inside I'm not feeling my human body I feel something way more. N I'm so used to it. It hard to move sometimes but m so used to feeling like this. I just know its not right. I believe im a fallen angel. I swear it. I came to see all this as a blessing fus it saved life n gave me something to come to wen I need. My boyfriend has also help make me better. I love him. Please is you can get any insight on me that would be great. I really need a friend someone that can help. Thank you . Or know someone that can. I would appreciate it

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